Friday, July 11, 2008

My experiences of travelling in the train solo

Its been a long time I have written something on my blog.I just came to Howrah after a 52 hours long journey from bangalore and felt like i should write something.I got another train to catch ,a few hours from now.So, I will just post whatever memoirs i can recollect.
Most of the time, I travel alone in a train.I don't wait for any companion because thats suits me best.I have come across many people ,strangers in the beginning but ended up having a quite a good rapport with them.The list includes a korean guy, a muslim girl going for her sister's wedding,a XLRI prof, a BSF jawan, a well known author, two girls who came for summer school and it continues.
I had different experiences with all of them.The muslim girl just wouldn't stop talking.She would pick any random topic and will keep blabbering about it.Of course I was the one who started the conversation when i saw mehendi on her hands.She looked good by the way.The korean guy wasn't much of a talker and his accent was weird.I had a tough time understanding what he said.
I was more interested to know about korean girls from him or more specifically 'Son Ye Jin',the actress in the Korean movie 'The Classic'.
The XLRI prof and the author ,I was talking about, are a couple and our conversation was more or less on serious topics.They were very much interested in knowing about Manipur's heritage and history.I got to know a lot of things from him like keralites marry their first cousins,its a tradition for girls in tamil to marry their uncles etc,which i found very uncanny.
On the other hand ,I had to very good time with the summer school girls. We were only engaged in gossiping.Hell, they even talked about their boyfriends.
Once, I was travelling from varanasi to guwahati on a train on a waiting ticket no.4 .But such was my bad luck that the entire "man-in -uniform" had to be on the train.I had couldn't find any place to sit for an entire day and so did the BSF jawan from dehradun.He turned out to be quite a nice guy.
Oh!But I forgot to mention my first ever experience.I was supposed to be travelling alone from varanasi to delhi, when I was in first year ,but as it turned out my IT-BHU seniors were the majority amongst the passnegers travelling that day.So I was ragged along with some first yearites, in a sweet way though, so I had no complaints.I was told to propose to a girl and me along with some other guys were told to shout "This train is not going to delhi but is going to chennai instead".We did that.
I am actually looking forward to meeting more new people on the train.Hopefully ,this wouldn't be the last you would see me writing with the same title.


del said...

this was pretty did have some good experiences...luckily you didn't meet people with snoring problems or people whose babies keep crying throughout the night!i had my share of experiences but not every journey was bad.i remember how i met this cute guy in the train,unfortunately i even forgot to ask his name and how i had wished that the journey was longer!well,the best part about travelling in the train is that you meet all kinds of people and since you get nothing better to do ,you tend to make friends. i have always dreaded travelling alone but after reading this travelling solo doesn't sound that bad eh?

jamzz said...

I forgot to mention the chai wala shouting "chai chai kharab se kharab chai" and the two Swiss girls I met on the next train.

BULU said...

ha..ha..nice experience..nice reading ur blog..remind me of my journeys too..keep on writing..would love to read more

neeraj said...

u shud hav written more about those summer gals... describing them... everything... lolzz..
by the way... which gal did u propose in that train??

jamzz said...

I cant write in more details because they know about this blog.
But the girl,I proposed,went down in allahabad. Don't worry she doesn't look good kind of a 'behenji' type.

michael said...

neva had tht kinda xperience though i travel alone most of da try to mak a movie out of!

tanushree said...

hey.... dat proposal thingy....dat rings a bell!...u narrated me once i dt ws 1 pretty sweet experience....hehe...dt ws long time bak huh?....oct 2004.....time dus fly

bt u gotta whole lota butiful trainy thingy memoirs...nthn abt da aviation part...hehe