Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have been doing this for seven years now. It's not like I love this job but I have no other alternative. I can label my father as a virtuoso and he has perfercted his craft over the years . I learned from my father and learned well. But I didn't learn to enjoy this work. This is not the life of a 22 year old although my thick glasses gives the impression of otherwise. I don't comprehend how someone, confined in a solitay room would enjoy working all day with instruments such as magnifiers, hairspring tools and hand removers. After going all through this, the customers don't even acknowledge your craftmanship. You will find almost everykind of watches here from the costliest to the one made by a local watchmaker.
I wonder if there ever was a creator for the very entity that a watch symbolises. Can he manipulate his creation? Did he ever get acknowledged for his creation? Can he repair it if there ever a need arises? Why is there only one model for his design? Its funny there is time ,on one hand, which the greatest of minds are trying to understand and a watch ,on the other, whose creator is clubbed with mediocrity. Maybe it was designed without a designer. Maybe its a craft without a craftsman.

P.S.: Inspired by "Who watches the watchmen?" (Watchmen 2009)