Saturday, September 13, 2008

Delineation of a dream

It was December evening and I could see clearly see through the thick fog and smoke that my life was setting foot on a new spring season. The tranquility of the evening ,as if the sky had extended over the land, gave me the impression that 'the mighty Being' is asleep. I tried to compare the ecstasy of experiencing this moment with the portrait of the lady whose arrival I was ardently anticipating. As I reposed, the light from the wax candle on the table seemed to grow inside the darkened room and I could still hear her voice ringing in my head," I have saved this afternoon just for you". It became obvious to me that I was inept to make the comparison. She was the most well-groomed woman I ever saw and I wanted to protect her even though she doesn't need it and that was all I knew. The judgement of right and wrong went beyond me. These solemn thoughts were broken when I saw the five cups of coffee I finished in the last four hours. The restaurant was half-deserted. The ruminations had looked after me and my solitude as we utterly took possession of the 'the table reserved for two'.