Monday, February 15, 2010

The White Lily

I remember the time when you used to take me ,
To the mountains, to the place decorated
By beautiful colours and defined
By the modesty and majesty of the white lilies.

How splendid they looked!
Sometimes I wonder whose beauty I was admiring
Now I undestand why you are like the lilies.

At dawn they unite with the breezes,
To announce the coming of light,
To breathe life into this place,
And fill it with their fragrance.

A memory of a moment of happiness.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be the same without you
Now I understand why you are my lifeblood.

I tried to bring the lilies to my garden,
But they just refused to endure.
I have given them chances,
But they just let me down.

Its a lover's gift descended
From the blue tent upon the green carpet.
I just wish they could blossom in my curtilage
The same way I wish you could come with me.
I wish you would understand.