Saturday, November 5, 2011


I used to like cold rains at this time of the night. I don't anymore. It stirs up the emotions that are now dead to me.

I glance into this empty glass trying hard to find the answers, yet remaining indifferent to my dripping wet shirt. Or so I thought. It's hard to escape this sharp cold when it keeps reminding me of the warmth I felt when I hold her hands. When you can't keep the promises you blindly made, it comes back like a plague you can't run away from.

Maybe I don't need to find the answer. Maybe I just need someone to listen to. Maybe this empty glass is that someone. I wonder how many stories it has drank up. I wonder how it's still standing after all it has seen all. You can't but marvel at its surviving skills. The one that survived to tell every story.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time as a source of salvation

I dream of its gift and I pity the science. I admire the conflict it triggers- the reality of the eternal or the illusion of the flux. The struggles of the human experience sometimes puzzles me whether 'the real' or 'the true' is present in a false or a lesser reality. Is there a 'real time' and a 'false time'? Maybe a real time is a time that encompasses 'significant' experiences- those having purpose and direction. Would then a false time be a time which returns onto itself ? But is the 'significant' already a part of the 'significant' waiting to be understood by us? Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past.

I wonder whether the phrase 'there is a time for everything' is a hearsay. Maybe it envelops the mere existence representing death in life and the spiritual rebirth with life in death. But there is time to prepare a face to meet the faces we meet. There will be a time to murder and create; time yet for a hundred indecisions; for a hundred visions and revisions. Having remained irresolute in the midst of the possibilities of salvation within our ordinary temporal experience, we will continue till we die.