Saturday, November 10, 2007

the meiteis

I just read an article hoping to learn more about the history of the Meiteis'the dominant community in Manipur' (being one myself)entitled Manipur: a case study of migration by By Dr Moirangthem Thawanthaba. Its very intriguing and the writer has written a lot of matter in a highly condensed form and i appreciate his work. Unfortunately for me, i didn't find what i was looking for like what happened before Cheitharol Kumbaba,the royal chronicle of Manipur was written which traces back to 33 A.D. , what happened before Pakhangba who was generally believed to be the first king of Manipur ,how different are the Meiteis from the 33 tribes of Manipur in originality.But its still an article worth reading for those Manipuris who are as much in the dark as i am about our history.If i find some answers about these questions i will update in my space here .In the meantime check out this article

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