Sunday, July 13, 2008

"True love tends to forget"

"True love tends to forget".These are the words of the great Bob Dylan.Frankly speaking I have seen many interpretations of these words especially in movies. Love not fulfilled is to be forgotten or atleast lovers should try to forget whatever memories they had shared.Even amongst my friends ,its common to find using the words like,"I tried  to forget you, but everytime I do so I end up loving you more" (or somewhat on the similar lines) to convey their love.Its funny how each time when love is portrayed as synonymous with pure, steady, effulgent, attributeless, formless, ancient, eternal, immortal and nectarous, it has been accused being just the opposite and how often it has been labeled as an imprint on our memory.

I am not trying to be a critic of Bob Dylan because I know there won't be another Bob Dylan coming.I just seem to develop a different opinion.My thoughts and feelings are more pulled towards the words like,"I am trying to do whatever I can ,not to forget you in every passing moment, trying to remember everyone of your simplest things".Am I being illogical or just plain confused?Whatever the case maybe I am just being myself.


Rojit said...

nice thought man..
as to your topic.. damn.. i donno anything abt love. I'm still a tarzaan in that thing. But whatever things i have met and known in life, something always tells me there is no such thing called TRUE LOVE. When u love some1, it has to come truely from ur heart. Ofcourse, u must have met a lot of gals and not in everyone, u will find that fire that attracts u each time..But, to that special gal for whom your heart defies the normal 72 per min beating, you will find an urge within yourself to do stuffs..crazy prove time again and again that u are always a happy guy being hers.
When at the age of 80, u look back 2 ur love life and complain it not to be a true one, then it's not the fault of FATE.. it's simply because u still have to live more to realize it.
Damn. what m i saying...m really a tarzaan..lolz..
for more dtails, pliz read, "THE ZAHIR" by Paul coelho(hope the spelling is rt)

Slimy Death said...

Not much of a love expert But theres one thing i always find baffling
why does one "FALL" in love ? why cant we rise or fly in love ?

Sushant said...

In most relationships, arguments and fights over trivial issues make the love take the backseat.I have no idea what bob dylan meant by " true love tends to forget" but i guess he meant in true love people look beyond all these trivialities.Could have meant people forget the self, the ego or sth like that.