Friday, December 12, 2008


"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time"

The place seems far from different and if it weren't for the timeless human tradition of inscribing down the numerals in the calendar with each passing day coupled with the fact that our consciousness is inundated with the knowledge of the incessant nature of time (although both rationalities tend to mean the same thing, and trying to append an adjective is sterile given our inept and presumptuous nature), I would have brazenly accepted it as just another imaginative flashback from my memory. Others haven't been able to change my mind to see the difference. It is as if my mind has been blanketed and what I see is filtered. Maybe it's a tried and tested approach towards protecting oneself or maybe I have so many blithe memories that I don't want to see a change. Is it just the place and time I sensed? I see myself the same way but is it because I have failed to discern the changes in my thoughts and actions and more importantly as a human being? How would I get rid of this camouflage? Is it because life unfolds in a capricious way comforted only by the fact that whatever that is happening in our lives is not a surprise to God? Maybe it's because life comes around in full circle. We lived through experiences and memories but we never change as an individual.


Rojit said...

Dude, complexity has flown in your writing style yet your idea is more than enough to let someone guess your creativeness in expressing simple things yet undiscovered in life. Keep it up...

sushma said... usual :)
But this one made me Think... and that is something i rarely do..
Good job... Keep posting...

jamzz said...

Thinking can change people lives.
Atleast I believe it can change mine.
Anyway compliments are always welcomed

Sushant Trivedi said...

actually nth changes at all ... time runs recursively...same things happening to same people again and again ... jst a few superficial things change