Wednesday, June 17, 2009

25 things you should know about me

I was supposed to do this tag along time ago. I should clarify first that I am doing not out of compulsion nor out of lack of material. But, it would actually be interesting to see if I can put together an honest interpretation of myself and translate it without any refinement. Some of these details might already be known and I am not going to write whether I belong to a different planet or not :)

The rules -

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. I love dozing in green pastures(esp. when the contour of the land is slightly elevated), fold my hands and locked it behind my head, indulge myself in a world created by illusions. In other words I am a dreamer. People say some are realist some are dreamers. I guess you can categorized me in the latter genre.

2. I am still aimless about what my goals are. I tend to think goals in life as being different from career choice or tasting success.

3. I always dream about traveling the world, know about different people and their cultures.

4. I like people who have a good taste in food.(literally and figuratively speaking)

5. Once, I jumped down from the first floor because the elders started suspecting me and my friends were upto something (they were right though). This happened only a week after the plasters in my leg were removed.

6. I am very bad in planning. I seldom do it.

7. I love the company of gals.(not in the other sense) :P

8.The Ace of Spades is my favorite card. If possible, I keep it for my last play.

9. I despise astrologers.

10. I love cooking for myself.

11. I am in pursuit of expanding my collection of documentaries on rock bands histories .

12. Learning the meaning of people's names is one of my idiosyncrasies. Don't be alarmed if I ask yours too. 'Anagha' which means sinless is one of the favorite I came across.

13. Topics on God, religion , life, death,time, rock and roll are ice breakers when it comes to starting a conversation with me.

14. I am also an 'aspirational hobbyist' which Shantanu coined it. I wanted to become a fighter after watching Tony Jaa, an actor after getting awestruck by every one of Tom Hanks' performances, a sportsperson during the world cup days, wanted to be in a band everytime I hear an Iron Maiden's number.

15. I regretted the fact that I don't have enough pictures of my childhood days.

16. I have always admired people who are good in writing but not necessarily so for those who are good in talking.

17.I really don't like smoking but I have tried it.

18. I am a comic follower till this day. I even have a list of my own top 10 favorite comics.

19. I don't like heavy make-up in gals.

20.I have bunked classes the most on mondays and fridays and very rarely on saturdays. Maybe its because I was born on a saturday(I know the logic sounds absurb).

21.Whenever I get bored in a particular class, I used to entertain myself by calculating the love-hate relationship percentage of every gal I knew, on the last page of my notebook.

22. I am habituated to give people petnames.(esp. to the ones close to me)

23.If I ever have a son, I would want him to grow up to be a sportsperson.

24.Black is my favorite color when it comes to the choice of color in clothes.

25.I am a devoted 'window shopaholic' and I have no qualms about it.

Thats all. On the hindsight I think I could have listed a few more. I tag this to


Ankit Khanna said...

I don't think I knew anymore than 5 of the listed things. You're a complex person(I mean that as a compliment).

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

the first was poetry in itself.
oh and i didn't think you'd remember to do the tag. :)

and you've kept a count of the days on which you've bunked most.

james said...

Awesome.Ankit you know me better than I thought.

I had to keep count.I just want to maintain the minimum possible attendance requirement. People get year back because of attendance.

MIKE_GOD said...

WOW!!whts dis!!d 25 commandments of james(nt lk d 10!nice one bro!gt to knw a lot of new thgs abt u!;)

sushma said...

Now this one's good...well i already knew more than 15 points you've listed over here but still it's good... i guess i know you better now:) you should've put some more points...loved reading it

james said...

Its not a commandment bro.
But I didnt expect anyone to know 15.
Anyway I can't write more than 25.Its the rule

rose said...

interesting piece...enjoyed reading it...

Shantanu said...

Hi, I came here after a long time. Lovely post :)

It's great that you have resumed blogging; my fellowship, as such, is dwindling :(

I'll do the tag soon !

valentina said...

quite sm facts u got abt urslf. interstng...hmm...