Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Its the road where it all started.
We hold each other and promised
Never to be divided.

But as all these images unfold,
I gaze only to see our footprints have vanished.
I walk solemnly in this abandoned road.

As I struggle through the passage,
I can feel the place I love the most ,when I am with you
Turn into worthless tears.

I let my angel fly from here.
There would be another road for you to walk,
But I am fated to wander here like an echo from the past.

I would close my eyes and pray
To find you here, hold you close,
And take the walk for one last time.


Sushant Trivedi said...

a strange promise u made there

james said...

Promises are meant to be broken

MIKE_GOD said...

nice one...!!single agn???lol!!

james said...

dude i dont really project my real life in blogs everytime.

MIKE_GOD said...

i knw buddy!jus kidin...!!