Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two and a half kilo of chicken

'60 km/hr ' ,the speedometer on Jake's motorcycle was reading. He could feel the air gushing past his spectacles but he cared less. He lifted his eyes to the etiolated sky, so bleached out ,it seemed as pale and as unmoving as the water. The dullness of the weather was in stark contrast with the delirious mood he was in. He was about to join his schoolmates for a lunch at Raj's place. It took three years in the making for the friends to finally find a vacation where they would all come together and the moment had arrived.

When Jake and Raj met, they conversed as if they were carrying on some left over discussion from yesterday. There were no 'Hellos' or ' How have you been?'.

Jake: I see that you have already bought chicken. How much is it?
Raj: Two and half kilos. I think it's going to be just enough. Robert and Johnson haven't arrived yet. You are the first.Let's cook  in the top floor. It's still not complete yet and its almost like on top of the roof. 

Jake nodded and they both picked up the cooking pot at the same time.

Raj: I don't know how good your cooking skills are but two cooks inevitably means the food will be wasted.
Jake: You are the cook.
Raj: Are you still in touch with 'phylum'?

Phylum was the nick name they gave for Selina. Jake had a huge crush on her back during their school days and a few knew about it. Selina herself didn't know. Jake never told her. She was a medical aspirant back then and was pretty good in memorizing those outlandish zoological terms and that's how she got that name.

Jake: Absolutely not. Let me remind you that was six years back and I ,no longer want anything to do with her.
Raj: What about those true love mojo-jojo you used to preach? I still remember some of your lines. Let me quote," Every force in this universe is defined by four forces and all these follow the inverse square law. But the force that she creates with me cannot be formulated because it's directly proportional to distance. It grows as the separation increases." There was also "All I need is her appreciation for my love and that would be enough for me to conquer anything."
Jake: People change Raj. Instead of love,fame,money and power just give me the truth.(trying to recall some dialogues from a movie). About the forces thing, I am still confuse whether they follow the inverse square law or not. Maybe I was bluffing.  

Both of them were chuckling.

Jake: I am dating a new girl now. I have forgotten everything about phylum until you brought her name up.
Raj: Is that so?
Jake: Yes. Did someone tell you otherwise?
Raj: Well, I have to find out and if I found out you were bluffing than you have to wash all the dishes by yourself. That in case if I get to know about it before our meal finishes.
Jake: (laughing)You haven't changed a bit. What about your goddess of wealth?

Laxmi was nicknamed goddess. Raj had declared his love for her but she showed no interest back then but they were still friends.

Raj: Dude we are going to be relatives now. My uncle is going to marry her aunt. So there is no chance of working out for us.
Jake: (grinning)That's a lame excuse. If you want you could elope with her before your uncle's marriage and yours will be a happy ending story.

Robert stormed in much to the surprise of both.
Robert: Jake, weren't you serious when you started dating the new girl? Phylum's cousin just told me you guys were talking over the phone for a month now.
Raj: (shouting at the top of his voice) Mom,you don't need to wash yesterday's dish. We already got someone for the job.

P.S: The characters and the story are all fictitious. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental. 


optimus said...

I have been lurking here for quite a some time now and I must say that I like your style of writing.Keep writing!

Rojit said...

lolz... i know who all you want to mean in this small story... be careful...!! aduga waari do yaamna samjinmalle...khi khi

Sushant said...

nice story there...(though i hv no idea what it meant). :)

jamzz said...

haha..i will take it as a complement :)

Ankit Khanna said...

You've immortalized Prof. Ojha with the force directly proportional to distance fatta.

jamzz said...

it was too catchy for me even though i knew he was just talking about electromagnetic and gravitational force :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hheheheheh the way you started the story i thought it would lead to some serious stuff like the raj guy having an accident or something . but the way u completly u turned it hahaha

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

sry for asking but how many girls did u meet before JEE ?? :P

jamzz said...

lol .. that's a candid enquiry. I don't know where your question is heading but I surely don't keep the count. :)

BULU said...

P.S: The characters and the story are all fictitious. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.

ha...ha...very intresting n skillful use of the word PHYLUM and her character...

del said...

hey nice story.....but i still don't get why it is called two and a half kilo of chicken?

jamzz said...

i ran out of ideas for the title buddy.. :)
atleast it appears to be catchy or am I the only one thinking that way

tanushree said...

fictitious?.....r u sure its fictitious.....? seems real dou....ahem ahem.....i mean....i thot i cud unds hu s hu...n wat s wat......(jst kiddin)


mayb m 2 gud in playin guessin games....

hey jst kiddin k.......neways kip up da gud job